I really want to say “Thank You” for taking a good care of my daughter Selena! This is the 3rd year that Selena’s been there since she was 1 year old. We felt really lucky to have you being close to our home. Selena has been very happy, she loves the teachers, and if I was not patient to her, she would say she wants a teacher other than me…:)

The Montessori Program is awesome. Selena has learned a lot which really takes the burden off the parents. I am always surprised by finding what she learns and what she can do. I especially love she learns to be organized, to be patient, and to share the housework with mum. I just love to see she can put her shoes on the rack and recently she began to wipe the dining table and was very happy to be mummy’s little helperJ

The center is a good fit for Chinese families because we want our kids to learn Chinese from early years. Selena can sing some Chinese songs that I don’t even know, so she likes to “teach” me how to singJ. I like the school having teachers with professional background on painting, dancing, and singing etc.. I feel it is a good combination with North America education philosophy (e.g. fun, patient, inductive, interested focused etc.) and professional skills.

I sincerely hope Apple Blossom Centre could get bigger and be a leading day care centre among the Chinese community!

Thank all of you again!